One of the top killers of construction workers – transport

Business does not happen without transportation. Material delivery, transporting workers, supplies and equipmment are an everyday part business.

The South African roads are not a closed work environment and accident happen all the time.

Do you have a safe driver policy, including drivers licence checks, cellphone usage policy and seat belt policy? Do you text for alcohol when drivers enter your workyard?

I cannot count the number of times I have driven behind an vehicle overloaded beyond comprehension with contruction workers on the way to a site.  Often sitting on the edges of an open bakkie.

The law states that you are not allowed to carry people in or on a non passenger registered vehicle. LDV and Truck are thus out.

If you want to carry people in a “bakkie” you need to install seats and safety belts. Then the vechile has to go back to the testing ground and be reregistered to carry x amout of people.

The law is very vague on the subject and this is why it has never really been inforced. Being a gray area, the insurance is not obligated to pay out, should something happen.

COSATU has repeatedly demanded an end to the practice of using open bakkies to transport workers. They are not designed for carrying passengers. While passengers in comparative safety inside vehicles are rightly compelled to wear seat belts, people on a ba kkie have no protection at all. If the vehicle crashes they will be flung on to the road, at huge risk to their lives.

It is intolerable that workers should be forced to travel to and from their work in such dangerous conditions. It is a clear breach of their right to safe working conditions.

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