South African Safety Brands

Bova & Sisi Safety Shoes
Beier Footwear are the manufacturers of the Bova and Sis ranges of safety shoe. The shoes are manufactured in Durban South Africa and the total annual output of the BOVA factory is in excess of one million pairs, which represents about 35% of South Africa’s annual production of safety shoes and boots.
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Lemaitre Footwear
Bagshaw Safety Footwear strives for excellence in all spheres of Marketing and Manufacturing of Double Density Polyurethane Injected Safety Footwear and Nitrile Rubber Stuck-on Footwear. Excellent Quality, Customer Service and state-of-the-art equipment contribute towards our standing as market leaders in Southern Africa.
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Frams Footwear
United Fram Footwear is a leading high-tech footwear manufacturer in  South Africa. The products manufactured have a wide variety of applications in diverse industries including mining, petrochemical, engineering, construction and defence. Five different methods of sole construction are used including Polyurethane thermoplastic urethane, Polyurethane/Rubber & Polymer based direct injection moulding, Cemented and Vulcanized Rubber.
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